My performance and installation-based work focuses on acts of service, labor and failure. All projects are initiated based upon their inability to create pleasure, comfort or social change of any real consequence. I am interested in creating objects, spaces and interventions that can be misinterpreted as entertainment, homemaking and community outreach activities. My own desires and the expectations of others are both embellished and subverted through parody and satire.
 In 2007, I co-founded the artist collective The Ladies’ Auxiliary. The group is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the homely aesthetic. We are comprised of women professionally trained in the functionless arts who have chosen to reside in peaceful, wholesome communities where we can nurture both our families and fixations. The non-political, self-serving organization selects projects based upon their potential futility. The collective takes the form of an elite women’s club. The self-deprecating mission was born out of our experiences living the regional artist lifestyle. The work marries camp with relational aesthetics and institutional critique, as we apply the skills acquired in art school to improve our communities, our homes, our families and ourselves.
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