The Ladies’ Auxiliary
Devotional Den
     The daily practice of painting has taken on a novel importance for the collective. After leaving art school, individuals in the group needed to find a new outlet for their creativity. This is when coveted household items began to take on new meaning and tributes to their partners started to materialize on scraps of paper, napkins, grocery receipts—or any other surface at their disposal. Of course, The Ladies could never bring themselves to discard any of these devotional objects, so up on the wall they went—mushrooming out of control, like their love. 
In a similar vein, The Ladies’ Auxiliary has chosen to fabricate a den, a retreat if you will, for the purpose of honoring the men they love. Every found object has been altered to place the devotee at ease.  While resting on the Love Seat, a gentleman can reminisce about his own wedding vows and the meaning that those words still hold.  No relaxing evening would be complete without a little entertainment. As a result, The Ladies have created their own video channel tailored to address the desires of both sexes. The partner may choose to partake in a good cigar or other libations, lovingly nestled in their own lace cozies. And before retiring for the night, the men will lock-up the multipurpose dry bar, keeping their alcohol, tobacco, and firearms safe. They hope you feel comfortable.
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