The Fair Trade Deli & Wellness Center allowed visitors to become better informed about their lifestyle choices. Guest admired objects and images that document the physical transformation the Ladies had undergone. A menu of goods was also available, along with information regarding caloric content and exercise equivalencies. Customers wishing to enjoy these items were expected to participate in a select number of activities. In addition, we developed an instructional video that provided methods for improving one’s diet and exercise routines.

Pasture Eyes was our effort to aggressively assist guests in enjoying their day at Saunders’ Farm. Wearing matching safety vests, the Ladies scoured the pastures, flagging and roping-off potential threats such as cowpies, water hazards, dangerous vegetation and uneven terrain. Sometimes people need help, even if they don’t want it.

The installation, video & performance recontextualized daytime television and household tableaux to bring attention to the mania of materialism.

Martha/Martha explored the kinship we feel towards both Martha Rosler and Martha Stewart. Video work included a contemporary reexamination of Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen (1975). Other pieces included modified kitchen items and aprons.

Installation for the 2010 installment of Windows on Main Street, situated at the Blackbird Attic in Beacon, New York.

Installation images from the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum's 2010 "Radius" exhibition

A shopping cart caravan performance from 2008. Wearing individually customized hats, the ladies not only put their millinery skills on display, but also demonstrated their domestic pride.

For the first Ladies' outing, we hosted a recruitment table at Cornell University. Surrounded by our partners, (both drawn and in person), we encouraged the female coeds to achieve a ring by Spring.
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